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Zenith 440.jpg

Zenith 440 Hylo Thompson

Hylo w/ all four Air Drops, Limited 5yr Warranty

*call for pricing

Zenith 220.jpg

Zenith 220 Hylo

Hylo w/ Cervical and Pelvic Manual Drops

*call for pricing

Zenith 320 Manual.jpg

Zenith 320 Hylo Table

Hylo Foot cocking Abdomen, Dorsal, Pelvic Drops

*call for pricing

Zenith 230 Plus.jpg

Zenith 230 Plus Hylo Table

Hylo, All Four Drops, Unique Key Dimension Headpiece and Pelvic Positioning sections

*call for pricing

Zenith 210.jpg

Zenith 210 Hylo

Hylo Zenith, Optional Manual Drops

*call for pricing

Zenith Standard Colors.jpg

* Base price - Does NOT include options

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