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Handheld Sanitizers

UVC versus chemical desinfectants, gaseous, germicidals?

Hospitals have been known to harbor the superbugs due to one main cause; extensive daily use of chemical germicidal solutions. Every pathogen quickly develops new strains that are immune to chemical germicidal solutions. Ultraviolet photons destroy the DNA of the pathogen thereby preventing any new strains developing.

Did you know that UVC stand-alone, mobile, upright sanitizers can reduce virus load for any airborne or surface collected pathogen in minutes saving time and labor?

UVC germicidal robots are the new must between patients in a clinic, dentist, chiropractors office, or any meeting place that has many patients, clients coming one after another. Stop the cross contamination after each use of the room air, surface, floor and all the chairs, tables in a few minutes to protect the next client from any possible contamination.

Cleaning by hand versus UVC sanitization

Hand wiping the surfaces is laborious and takes time. Human nature may allow mistakes, skipping some areas without wiping. Airborne pathogens, viruses can not be controlled by any hand wiping with chemicals.

Fact check

Lower the airborne virus quantity; lower the risk of contracting any disease. UVC 254 nm non ozone producing light can destroy pathogens in seconds. Most viruses are transmitted through aerosols in air as such that hand wiping surfaces will not break the virus spread.

UVC-Handy 2.jpg
Great for Chiropractic Table surface sanitization!

Prices starting at $895.00

Handheld Trio: 20W, 40W and 100W Models

High-power, handheld UVC wands of different lengths that have a controlled exposure area to protect users. Mainly for surface sanitization of corners, doors, handles, toilets, etc.

UVC-Handy trio.jpg

Intended Use

  • 220nm to 280nm nominal 254 nm UVC, 360° room sanitizer between patients and customers.

  • Effective room air pathogen reduction device.

  • Surface disinfection of surfaces: walls, tables, furniture, fixtures, and high-contact items.

  • Floor disinfection against viruses, bacteria, mold.

  • Natural virus destruction without any resistance build-up.

  • Stable enough to stand vertically on its own.

  • Easy to hang from cables for large area sanitizing.

  • Easy to hold by hand for sanitizing corners, crevices, car interiors in seconds.

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