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X-Ray Generator Suites  -  Chiropractic

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Raising the Bar for Chiropractic Care

The Rayence DCX Integrated Digital Chiropractic room package seamlessly combines flexibility, efficiency, and convenience at an affordable price. The DCX uses the latest in DR technology which will instantly improve workflow by eliminating the need for conventional X-ray film, storage, and processor. Powered by the Rayence 1717SCC Cesium fixed DR detector, the DCX gives staff and clinicians immediate access to high-resolution digital images with extensive post-processing capability and the ability to share those images within the office in seconds.

Rayence DCX Chiropractic 

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Straight-Arm Full X-Ray Solution


This straight-arm system features motorized SID adjustment for easy setup. This unit will fit under a 8' 9" ceiling. Comes with a 32kW or optional 40kW generator.

20/20 Straight-Arm


Bennett DC-1

Reliability is Essential

Utilizing state of the art technology, the Bennett HF-30B generator employs internal self diagnostics and sophisticated self-testing, capable of making vital changes during the x-ray exposure to insure the integrity of the exposure is faultless.

Mechanical structures, such as tubestands and vertical cassette structures, are made from solid steel insuring years of uncompromising operation. Bennett systems also utilize stainless steel bearings for guaranteed accurate alignment of the x-ray tube and bucky. 

500mA and 600mA systems available for reduced exposure times. Simplicity and reproducibility are important factors in a system’s operation. The x-ray generator includes anatomical programming, allowing for an easy three step x-ray exposure.

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All the features you need, at a price you can afford.


Ideal for an existing practice or start-up practitioner, this
reliable and versatile system is an outstanding value. You can choose the options to meet your budget.

Americomp AC-1se

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