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Vet Package X500

The MyVet X500 is a compact and integrated x-ray table system. The X500, with a small working footprint, 4-way floating table and tethered 17 x 17 inch Cesium Iodide flat panel detector, provides a veterinary practitioner a powerful digital x-ray system for all of their imaging needs.

A robust tube stand mounted directly to the table that houses the generator offers the most space-saving solution for any clinical environment. Spring-activated locks quietly release the four-way floating tabletop that helps calm animals as they are positioned on the table.


Vet Package i72W

The MyVet x-ray table is a revolutionary design that delivers silent elevation to provide comfort and stability for the patient. The MyVet x-ray table is a cost-effective and workflow-efficient approach to veterinary digital radiographic imaging for your practice.

EzRay Vet™ Cart | Mobile Intraoral X-Ray Cart System

Our Intraoral imaging system is the ideal veterinary digital imaging solution. It provides higher diagnostic value with superior image quality for precise and advanced intraoral radiography. The all-in-one cart keeps everything together for complete mobility.


It’s narrow slice thickness and optimized image contrast with 14-bit grey-scale maximizes image quality.

- 3D CT mode and 2D scan mode
- Wide bore diameter
- Large CT FOV
- Easy setup within 2 hours
- No special wiring required

MYVET CT i3Dsl – The preferred whole body scanning method

MyVet Imaging is unveiling a new Spiral Linear CT system that delivers superior soft tissue image contrast with 3D reconstruction of soft tissue structures.

The large bore accommodates to medium/large dogs and the elevating table facilitates animal positioning in center of bore to secure image acquisition.


As Seen at the 2023 SVC


Panoramic Dental X-Ray System

MyVet Pan i2D is the world's first veterinary specialized mobile panoramic dental x-ray system.

MyVet Pan i2D uses tomography to take a panoramic image of small animal's full mouth within a minute. 

Laser light positioning, completely mobile, easy to use software.

The system does not require any interoral sensor that has to be wrapped by a cover at every exam. You simply clean the bed after each use.

MYVET EzSensor Vet

MyVet EzSensor Vet delivers superior diagnostic images essential for successful diagnosis and endodontic treatment.

- CMOS Technology

- Slim Design for easy positioning

- IP68 water and dust protection

- Fiber Optic cable connector

- Easy to learn and use software

- Three sizes available
      Size 1.0         Size 1.5          Size 2.0

   0.79" x 1.81"   0.94" x 1.30"   1.02" x 1.42"

EzRay Air controls.jpg

MYVET EzRay Air Vet

MyVet EzRay Air Vet is a lightweight portable x-ray device designed for easy handling and stable positioning for optimal image quality on your intra-oral x-rays.

- 30% Lighter than other handhelds

- Lower Dose

- Double scatter shield for operator safety.

- Lower cool-down times and no warm-up time

Equine Interoral Dental Sensor

Equine Dental.jpg
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