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X-Ray  -  Portable Generators

Portable Digital X-Ray for COVID-19 Triage Sites


Each portable X-Ray system includes a wireless 14" x 17" Cesium DR system and a medical grade all-in-one PC mounted and powered by the portable x-ray machine.

The wireless DR panel is protected by a splash-proof encasement with grid.

Mobile Chest stand, Mobile lead barriers, and tables are available.

The Manufacturer currently has inventory for fast deployment. 

UC-5000 triage.jpg
Dragon Portable 2.jpg
Dragon Portable.jpg

Dragon X Portable X-Ray Generator

- Powerful 100mA, 125 kVp   -- 4kW or 8kW HF Generator

- LED Collimator

- Technique Selection from Touch Screen or Tube

- Anatomical Programming Technique Selection (APR)

- Standard 110v 20 amp on 4kW unit

- 102.5 lbs weight


Cube X Portable X-Ray Generator

- Choice of 30mA, 40mA, or 100mA Generators

- LED Collimator with Laser pointer

- Standard 110v on 1.6kW and 2.8kW Generators

- 39.6 lbs to 48.6 lbs weight

Optional J-Stand can take either the vet or medical versions of the generator.

With a maximum focal spot height of 70", it can be raised for a 40" focal distance over nearly all beds.

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