Medicare to cut analog x-ray payments starting in 2017

As part of a push to nudge U.S. healthcare providers to adopt digital radiography (DR), the medicare system will begin reducing payments for exams performed on analog x-ray systems starting in 2017. The year after that, sites using computed radiography (CR) equipment will also see payment reductions.

     - Brian Casey, staff writer

What does this mean for my practice?

If your practice is using modern DR acquisition methods, then no worries.


If your practice is using older CR digital technology, then you still have a few years to update your technology to the newer, more advanced DR system.


BUT.....if your practice is still using the older film processor or dip tank method, then you WILL see a decrease in reimbursement from Medicare starting in 2017.

--Medicare payments will be reduced by 20% for providers using analog x-ray systems (Film based) starting 2017


--Medicare payments will be reduced by 7% for providers using CR digital equipment starting in 2018-2022

--Medicare payemnts will be reduced by 10% for providers using CR digital equipment after 2022



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