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The value-priced Clinical muscle stim unit combines a wealth of important features for the busy practice. Muscle stimulation is delivered in a choice of three waveforms-

Interferential, Premodulated, and Medium Frequency (Russian stimulation). The Clinical muscle stim unit is also remarkably easy to set up and use. Impressive performance capabilities, with outstanding simplicity of design.

Special Features


- One Timer

- Two Independant Outputs

- Total of 4 Channels, 8 Electrodes

- Micro Controller based Multi-waveform system

- Easy MKB Panel

- Six Preset Programs

- True Sine Waveform Generator

Technical Specs


- Main Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

- Faradic, Galvanic, Russian, and Interferential O/P

- Selectable pulse width and Pulse rate

- Selectable Interferential Sweep Frequency

- Selectable cycle on and off time

- Electrical Safety Class: Class 1, Electrotherapy

- Type BF



2" x 2" Square Electrode Pad


- Economy White Foam Electrode Pad

- Multi Use

- 4 Pads per Pack



- Several types and styles available

Replacement Lead Wires


- Quality replacement leads for various makes

- Please contact us for price and availability


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