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The ATT-300 from Pivotal Healthcare Solutions is specially designed for pretreatment therapy and massage. The ATT-300 Intersegmental Roller Massage (IST) Table features three large rotating rollers traveling both clockwise and counterclockwise, and up and down the spine. These rollers knead and relax muscles in the neck, shoulders and lower back. This IST table includes 30 minute timer and on/off vibration control.


  • A thick padded lounge top

  • Vibration and adjustable massage pressure

  • A cervical and knee bolster is also included.

Additional options include a 25″ wide top (22″ width), wood stain finish, therapy top with face slot, additional 10 minute timer, and alternative side controls.


- Clockwise and Counterclockwise Rotation

- Adjustable Pressure (Roller Height)

- Vibration

- 30 Minute Timer

- Travel Indicator

- Automatic Lowering Device

- LED Roller Height Indicator

- Cervical and Knee Bolsters


- Weight Capacity: 350lbs

- 72"L x 22"W x 25"H

     optional 25"W top available

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