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Intelect RPW 2

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Featured at the 2024 Alabama Chiropractic Association Conferences

Chattanooga’s Newest Product in RPW technology.

The Intelect RPW 2 brings the next generation of shockwave therapy to the treatment room using Radial Pressure Wave technology. Designed to activate connective tissue from the surface level to difficult-to-reach pathologies, the new Intelect RPW2 is a modality for addressing pain and inflammation.

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Key Features
Comfort Mode - Low starting Bar pressure
Suggested Protocols Library
Large Color Touch Screen
New Falcon and V-Actor (option) handpieces
Bluetooth Connectivity with Windows 10 App
Extended Pressure Range (0.3 to 5 bar)

TriggerPoint-Tendinopathies Transmitters.jpg
TriggerPoint-Tendinopathies Transmitters 2.jpg
Myofascial Treatment Transmitters.jpg
TriggerPoint-Tendinopathies Transmitter Atlas.jpg

Interchangible transmitter heads
-- head accessory kits available

Spine Treatments Transmitters.jpg
Fascia Treatment Transmitters.jpg

The NEW Falcon Handpiece applicator is designed to allow lower Bar pressure for an increased range of indications and applications. The therapist can easily connect a large choice of transmitters.

Falcon Handpiece.jpg
V Actor HF.jpg
Vibration Therapy Transmitter.jpg

The NEW V-ACTOR® HF applicator is used for vibration massage therapy. When applied to tissue, the vibration pulse can improve microcirculation, and enable elongation of fasciae and muscle fibers. It can also help to restore normal muscle tone.

Video Library


Achilles Tendinopathy
Disorders of Tendon Insertions
Myofacial Trigger Points
Pain and Inflammation in Orthopaedic Conditions
Plantar Fasciitis
Pulse Vibration Massage


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