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Hygenesis Armor

Hygenesis Hand Armor and Hygenesis Surface Armor Infection and Disease Control Products


Breakthrough technology that prevents germ multiplication and reduces germ transfer on surfaces.


One application of Surface Armor has proven to protect high-touch areas such as waiting rooms, keyboards, therapy and adjusting tables - for up to 6 months!! 


-Wipes clean without streaking


-Broad Spectrum Biocide


-Continues to destroy bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew for months with a single application.


-Safe for all hard surfaces. Keeps vinyl soft and supple.

Fabrics resist wear.

A dime size portion of Hand Armor will provide protection like a glove - even with repeated hand washing, for up to 6 hours!! 

Too good to be true? Not with the POWER of the ARMOR.


Please Contact Central Alabama X-Ray 1-800-397-9770

for more information

3/4 oz

Personal Travel Size

88 / 3-drop applications

3 oz

.25ml dispensing bottle

352+ applications

6 oz

.25ml dispensing bottle

704+ applications

FDA Registered     EPA Registered     Safe for Children and Pets

32 oz

Spray Bottle

300-400 sq. ft.

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