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If you are comparing to other lasers on the market -- PRICE and POWER stand out above all else...

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Power:  Let’s talk Probes.  We have probes available in different power outputs.  The wavelength of laser emission is based on the type of diode used in each laser.  All of our probes contain four Diodes.  The Apollo units are Low Level Lasers in the infrared wavelength so their beam tends to be invisible. 


Time and Technique.  Treatment time is inversely proportional to the total power output.  Thus a 1,000mW laser will require approximately half the treatment time of a 500mW laser. 

·         The output power determines the treatment time.

·         The power density determines the treatment technique. 

That said, logical thinking would be that a 100mW laser used for 60 seconds would have the same effect as 1000mW laser for 6 seconds since they both deliver 6 joules of energy.  However, skin irritations or burns can occur when the intensity or density is very high.  Like frying hamburger on a hot grill will burn the outside while the inside is still raw.  It is important we recommend a clinician keep the probe moving at all times or widen the spot side to lower the power density.

Which Probe is right for your office?

For serious musculo-skeletal treatments, consider a 3000mW probe  -  a 4000mW probe  -  or our most powerful  deep tissue treatment with the 5000mW probe. 

If you treat musculoskeletal conditions, large patients, and only occasionally treat wounds, it might make sense to purchase an infrared laser cluster probe of 4000mW or 5000mW.


If you want short treatment times of 1-2 minutes and want to easily treat the entire body, including odd shaped surfaces such as the knee and ankle, choose a 3000mW to 4000mW.  The 3000mW is available with the Portable or Desktop.  The 4000mW and 5000mW probes are only available with the Desktop.


Our most delicate probe is the 500mW Point Probe.  Specifically designed for hard-to –reach areas with less tissue such as the hands, feet, neck, and trigger points.  This can be used with either the DeskTop or Portable Units. 


If you treat acupuncture points or practice auriculotherapy, consider purchasing a laser point probe up to 500mW.  You will need to keep the probe moving more quickly from point to point, to spread out the delivery of photons. 


You can also chose to upgrade your 500mW by adding the Removable Fine Tip Light Guide.   

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